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Coworking revolution marches into South Denver

There’s a quiet revolution going on, and it affects how and where we work. Gone are starched, collared shirts and conservative briefcases. No more 8a.m.-5p.m. clock punching. Welcome to the world of collaborative workspaces, a world in which Denver is very much near the epicenter of the latest trends. Coworking might not be a concept…
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Landlord doubles down on S. Gaylord for $2M

A South Gaylord landlord has expanded his holdings on the East Wash Park strip. Aaron Grant, owner of Grant Real Estate Co., purchased a building at 1034 and 1032 S. Gaylord St. in June for $2 million. Grant recently bought the office building next door in April for $2.9 million. He plans to turn that…
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