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The Grant Real Estate Company’s core values focus on Integrity, Creativity and Joint Success.  All our clients whether in the residential real estate or commercial market or an investment partner knows that we have their best interest in the fore front of our mind. We prioritize integrity with each and every project which guarantees the financial success for all. At the Grant Real Estate Company, we take the time to listen to our client’s needs. What is important to them is important to us.


Our Mission

  • To create more personal freedom for all who are affiliated with us
  • To leverage the unique talents and interests of our stakeholders
  • To support the health and vitality of all who are affiliated with Grant Real Estate
  • To simplify all business dealings and activities whenever it is prudent and warranted
  • To realize deep levels of personal satisfaction and fulfillment through the endeavors and activities of our company


Leveraging Human, Financial & Property Resources
…to promote their highest and best use

Advancing Business
…to be honorable, sustainable and profitable

Enriching Lives
…to experience greater freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction

Video Highlights

Alveāre – Boulder, Colorado – The Beehive

An “Alveāre” or Beehive in Italian is a manifestation of activity, co-operation, industriousness, wisdom, and community. Alveāre is stunning and exclusive, custom, mixed-use community consisting of 4 breathtaking townhomes and 1 boutique commercial space located in...

The Story of the Golden West Mill in Longmont Colorado

The Story of the Golden West Mill in Longmont Colorado

Aaron Grant of Grant Real Estate Company tells the story of the Golden West Mill ownership, history and future transformation. The Golden West Mill was a pillar and a icon of the Longmont community and families that worked there for many years. The Grant family owns...