There’s a quiet revolution going on, and it affects how and where we work. Gone are starched, collared shirts and conservative briefcases. No more 8a.m.-5p.m. clock punching. Welcome to the world of collaborative workspaces, a world in which Denver is very much near the epicenter of the latest trends.

Coworking might not be a concept new to you given Denver’s reputation as an innovation hub. And, many may have heard of outfits like Galvanize, a high-profile tech incubator that could be seen to espouse a collaborative, coworking model. But even if you’ve heard of coworking or Galvanize, you might have associated both with RiNo, downtown or Denver’s Tech Center.

Now, the “little town” of South Denver itself is on the coworking map with several providers set to open in coming weeks and months: GRID Collaborative Workspaces at 445 S. Broadway, Alchemy Creative Workspace at 66 S. Logan and a yet-to-be-named workspace at 1040 S. Gaylord offered by Aaron Grant of Elea Development.