Wash Park professionals and entrepreneurs are living the dream with the opening of Park Coworking on Denver’s most vibrant residential neighborhood in Wash Park. This vibrant, shared office space project is located on Denver’s 2nd oldest commercial block Old South Gaylord Street and they are very excited to provide the block’s very first and only rooftop deck available for special events as well as a general amenity for the building. The primary directive at PARK is to create and foster a sense of community and social connection with one another through brand, design, and culture. Their definition of community includes both internal members within the walls of the building, as well as outside in the heart of the neighborhood. Through collaboration they intend to build the community to be innovative, foster growth, and create strong social connection driving stronger productivity for the community. This “coworking” space is a superior way of delivering office space through flexibility, choice, and limited structure.
Park allows flexible lease terms both short and long, offering differing sizes of office space which allows companies to expand and contract as necessary.

The space is designed to accommodate many different work styles, whether you prefer an open floor plan with no dedicated space or if you require individual office space with maximum privacy, they offer a wide variety to suit your needs. The common area design revolves around individual choice to allow members to choose to work at a kitchen area for example with countertop height island workspace, or for an alternative

example large collaborative communal tables for drop-in access, phone booths for private phone calls or video conferencing, couches and lounge chairs, or the 360 degree views of the rooftop deck for some Colorado fresh air.


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