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Grant Real Estate Company’s core values focus on Integrity, Creativity and Joint Success.  All our clients whether in the residential real estate or commercial market or an investment partner knows that we have their best interest in the fore front of our mind.

ALVEĀRE- Featured Project

An “Alveāre” or Beehive in Italian is a manifestation of activity, co-operation, industriousness, wisdom, and community.

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Buying a home

The Grant Real Estate Company is a locally-owned, boutique brokerage in Colorado.  Our team of agents are more than being just certified negotiation expert, they have the knowledge and experience that make the difference.


Selling a home

Our own investments in growing markets can help you in the process. Please contact us for more information. 


We maintain our fresh and innovative approach to real estate by ensuring we have creative input, allowing all to take ownership and personally invest in the success of the transaction

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Because of the price point of our home we needed a company that had experience in the luxury home market with a track record of quality marketing and sales and that is honest and genuine – Aaron and his team had all of these qualities and more which lead to our home selling in record time at a record price!

Mr. Thomas

Aaron, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You (and your wonderful Family) for being part of the Wash Park Home Tour – not only as a beautiful showcase Home, but also as an awesome sponsor. We had such an excellent turn out and everyone loved your Home (who wouldn’t?!).

C. G.

Grant Real Estate is a Sponsor of the 2022 Excellence Awards

February 2022 - Denver, Colorado:  This year the Denver Metro Association of Realtors is holding their Excellence Awards on March 9th and, after being named one of the top producers in 2021, Grant Real Estate has become a sponsor for this year's event.  In addition to...

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Due Diligence Checklist For Real Property Acquisition

The intent of this document is to act as a road map and checklist to use during due diligence. This list does not cover everything on all property, but is a useful tool and a great place to start when considering purchasing real property. 1. PHYSICAL INSPECTION The...

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Real Estate Terminology

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned veteran, it is important to become familiar with common real estate terms before you start your home buying process. Agent: A person authorized to act on anothers behalf. Appraisal: A statement of value or...

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