The Grant Real Estate Company’s luxury home is chosen for the 2017 Children’s Hospital of Colorado fundraising raffle.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 23, 2017 – Denver, Colorado.  The Grant Real Estate Company of Denver, Colorado is honored to have been chosen as the sole developer in the state of Colorado for the 2017 Might Millions Raffle to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.   The prestigious honor is shared with their development partner Redeux Developments, also of Denver, Colorado.  Together, the partnership designed and built the multi-million dollar home in Bonnie Brae that is being used for the 2017 fundraising raffle.  The Mighty Millions website can be found at

Each year the Might Millions Raffle searches for a home in the Denver area for theirDenver Might Millions Raffle 2017 annual raffle to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.  The home must be of the highest quality design and construction, and located in a popular area of Denver for families.  Raffle tickets are then sold that give buyers a chance to win the home along with a variety of other prizes.  The Grant-Redeux home overwhelmingly satisfied these requirements and was chosen above all other developers in the Colorado

“Healthy neighborhoods are part of a healthy city,” says Aaron Grant of The Grant Real Estate Company. “I live in this community and and how we need to give back to create a better future for our children.”

The Might Millions home has a unique and well-traveled history before being purchased by Mr. Grant.  The original house was built over 75 years ago, and has seen multiple families, changes to the neighborhood, decay, and in the end standing abandoned for many years prior to being purchased.  It is symbolic of how a neighborhood can come together, and create a better place to live and raise a family.  The home now is a testament to all the hard work, history and families that will continue on the same piece of land, but in a new home.

About The Grant Real Estate Company
The Grant Real Estate Company is based in Washington Park, Denver, Colorado and has a long history of both real estate and development along the Front Range.   The Grant Real Estate Company brings over 100 years experience in both developing and selling homes and commercial property in the Denver area.   They have nurtured long-term relationships with their clients because of their deep understanding of the market as well as the needs of families and their children who eventually grow into their own homes.   The founder, Aaron Grant, and many of their team members live in the neighborhoods they represent which is a testament to their confidence and trust in how they do business.

About Redeux Developments
Founded in 2009, Redeux Developments has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best general construction companies in Colorado and was named one of Denver’s Top 20 Builders by the Denver Business Journal in 2013. The company continues to grow rapidly while holding itself to the general philosophy that great customer service is when results exceed client expectations.


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