Vision, Mission, and Values


The Grant Real Estate Company is dedicated to:

Leveraging Human, Financial & Property Resources
to promote their highest and best use
Advancing Business
to be honorable, sustainable and profitable
Enriching Lives
to experience greater freedom, fulfillment and satisfaction


It is the company’s mission:

  • To create more personal freedom for all who are affiliated with the enterprise
  • To leverage the unique talents and interests of its stakeholders
  • To support the health and vitality of all who are affiliated with the company
  • To simplify all business dealings and activities whenever it is prudent and warranted
  • To realize deep levels of personal satisfaction and fulfillment through the endeavors and activities of the company


Truth: Honoring both the seeking and telling of Truth in all of our personal and business affairs

Integrity: Doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it

Fun: Appreciating, enjoying and making fun part of our work, every day

Customer and Partner Success: Making the success of our customers and partners a required outcome in all our dealings

Creativity: Remaining open to innovative solutions and ideas

Making a Profit: Sustaining and growing our enterprise based on meeting our profitability goals